What Are the Advantages of Installing Aluminum Casement Windows?

What Are the Advantages of Installing Aluminum Casement Windows?


You can get the advantages of installing aluminum casement windows by reading this article in detail, so as to make a better choice of window types.

 the advantages of installing aluminum casement windows

 Aluminum casement windows are windows that can be opened and closed horizontally. This type of window is defined according to the opening method of the window and is currently widely used in major decoration places. We can use the following to learn more about the advantages of installing aluminum casement windows.

(1) The aluminum casement window is sealed with multiple lock points, which can greatly enhance the sealing performance of the window. After the sealing is enhanced, its heat preservation and sound insulation will be improved accordingly.

(2) The design of aluminum casement windows with multiple lock points and mushroom head locks greatly enhances the anti-theft performance of the window. The possibility of thieves entering the room by prying and pressing the window sash is almost reduced to zero.

(3) The use of the aluminum casement window can make the room naturally ventilated, and the wind does not directly below the body, especially in the morning and evening and in winter when the indoor air quality needs to be improved in the bedroom, it is not easy to catch a cold.

(4) The hanging state of the aluminum casement window avoids the problem of forgetting to close the window and raining in the house on rainy days.

(5)The aluminum casement window takes advantage of the fact that it does not occupy indoor space and avoids the disadvantages of the casement window interfering with curtains, water heaters, range hoods, cabinets, etc.

(6) The hanging state of the aluminum casement window solves the problem that the bathroom needs a long time of natural ventilation and theft prevention.

(7) The hanging state of aluminum casement windows solves the problem that no one in the house continues to ventilate, especially when the decoration has just been completed and the window needs to be opened to let the smell.

(8) Aluminum casement windows have lightweight and of high strength. The density is only 1/3 of steel.

(9) Aluminum casement windows have good airtight performance. The airtight performance directly affects the use function of doors and windows and energy consumption. Hermetic performance includes four aspects: air tightness, water tightness, heat insulation, and sound insulation.

(10) Aluminum casement windows have good durability and are easy to use and maintain. Aluminum windows do not rust, fade, fall off, almost do not need maintenance, and the service life of spare parts is extremely long.

(11) The surface of aluminum casement windows has an artificial oxide film and is colored to form a composite film layer. This composite film is not only corrosion-resistant, but wear-resistant also has certain fire resistance and has a high gloss. Aluminum casement windows are lightweight, precise, and accurate in processing and assembly, so they can be opened and closed easily and without noise.

Aluminum casement windows are not only beautiful in appearance, but also have the advantages that other types of windows are irreplaceable in terms of performance. If you want to know more about green aluminum casement windows after reading the above, you can get a comprehensive solution by contacting us.

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