How Do We Fix Aluminum Sliding Doors That Won't Slide?

How Do We Fix Aluminum Sliding Doors That Won't Slide?


When the aluminum sliding door can't slide, we must find out the cause of the failure and repair it in time. Let's learn about the reasons and solutions for aluminum sliding doors that can't slide.

the reasons and solutions for aluminum sliding doors that can't slide
Aluminum sliding doors are generally used in the kitchen, bathroom, or balcony. This kind of door is easy to use and very beautiful. However, if the sliding does not move during use, we must find out the reason in time and deal with it accordingly. The followings are the reasons and solutions for aluminum sliding doors that can't slide.

1. Foreign matter enters the sliding track

When foreign matter enters the sliding rail of the sliding door, it will cause the sliding motionless situation. After this happens, do not push or pull the sliding door forcefully, this will only cause the foreign body to get stuck more firmly.

We should stop sliding first, and then check the sliding door. First, check the track of the sliding door to see if there is any foreign matter in the track. If so, please clean up in time. After cleaning, try pushing and pulling again to see if it returns to normal.

2. Too much dust accumulated on the track

This situation generally occurs on the sliding door of the balcony, because the sliding door of the balcony is connected to the outside. If severe weather such as wind and rain occurs outdoors, a large amount of dust and sand will be blown into the slide rail, causing the sliding door to fail to slide normally.

When you find that there is a lot of dust and sand on the sliding track of the sliding door, you need to use cleaning tools such as brushes, rags, or vacuum cleaners to clean up the dust in time. It will be smoother after cleaning

3. The door frame is deformed

Although aluminum sliding doors are very strong, they will deform if they are suppressed by heavy objects, or if they are hit by a violent impact. As long as the door frame of the sliding door is deformed a little, it will cause difficulty in pushing and pulling.

In this case, the door frame of the sliding door should be inspected to see where the door frame is deformed. After the deformation is found, solve it in time. If the deformation is serious, you need to find professional maintenance personnel to solve it. If the deformation is not that serious, just use the pliers to correct it, and you can resume use after the correction.

4. No timely maintenance

After the sliding door is used for a long time, without proper maintenance, it will naturally age, and the lubricating oil on the pulley when the sliding door is installed is also exhausted. In this case, it will be difficult to slide.

Just find the pulley position of the sliding door or the position of the part, and then squeeze the right amount of lubricating oil on it. After squeezing the lubricating oil, perform a sliding test to ensure that it returns to normal.

When the sliding door is in daily use, it is necessary to do a good job of maintenance work and prevent foreign matter from entering the sliding door slide rail, causing malfunction. If you want to know more about aluminum sliding doors after reading the above, you can get a comprehensive solution by contacting us.

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