7 Precautions for Installing Aluminum Windows

7 Precautions for Installing Aluminum Windows


If the aluminum window is installed improperly, it will cause some trouble in future use. This article will specifically introduce the precautions for installing aluminum windows.

the precautions for installing aluminum windows

Although aluminum windows are popular among construction workers due to their simple construction process and low construction difficulty, there are many detailed issues that need to be dealt with in time to install aluminum windows. The followings are the precautions for installing aluminum windows.

1. Before installing aluminum windows, check the shape, size, and position accuracy of the window openings to determine whether the number and position of the windows meet the design requirements. At the same time, for windows on higher floors, it should be checked whether lightning protection belts are connected according to regulations, and the construction party should be urged to rectify the unqualified parts.

2.After the aluminum window is installed on the wall, wooden wedges must be used to adjust the positioning, and at the same time, use nails to fix it. Note that it is forbidden to use iron nails to fix it. 

The next step is the caulking treatment. Before caulking, the construction party should be asked to make a record of the concealed project acceptance, and the verticality, horizontality, and diagonal angle of the window should be checked. After caulking, the wooden wedges should be taken out in time to avoid Forgotten in the seam.

3. Oxidized windows caulked with cement mortar should be treated with anti-corrosion and anti-rust before being installed on the wall. All other surfaces of the window frame need to be protected with adhesive tape or plastic tape. But it should be noted that there must be no adhesive tape or plastic tape on the window frame facing the wall, so as not to cause the joints to be not connected tightly, resulting in poor waterproof performance, and then causing water seepage and water leakage in the gap.

4. The waterproof glue between the aluminum window frame and the wall must be done after the wall is completely dry. At the same time, the base layer should be cleaned and gravelly treated before applying waterproof glue. If the wall is not completely dry and the dust is not removed, the water vapor released from the wall will invalidate the sealing effect of the waterproof glue, and finally cause water leakage and water seepage in the entire window.

5. After the above work of aluminum window installation is completed, the glass and window sash can be installed. Before this, the adhesive tape and the dirt on the window frame should be removed.

6. After the glass and window sash of the aluminum window are installed, check whether the accessories are missing, whether the installation is firm, and whether the window sash is opened and closed flexibly. The casement window should be closed before acceptance to prevent damage to the sash caused by bad weather.

7. The aluminum windows should be cleaned before acceptance, and cleaning agents that are corrosive to aluminum profiles, glass, and hardware accessories should not be used. The problems found out should be dealt with in time.

Aluminum windows are not only for decoration, but their most important function is to serve as a safety line of defense for our home buildings, so we must pay attention to the above installation precautions. If you want to know more about aluminum windows after reading the above, you can get a comprehensive solution by contacting us.

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