Maintenance Methods and Precautions of Aluminum Windows

Maintenance Methods and Precautions of Aluminum Windows


If aluminum windows can be properly maintained, their service life can be greatly extended. This article will specifically introduce the maintenance methods and precautions of aluminum windows.

the four reasons for water seepage in aluminum windows

Aluminum windows have become the focus of modern home decoration due to their good decorative effects and excellent performance. If you want aluminum alloy doors and windows to have a longer service life, in addition to the workmanship and materials used, the following correct maintenance methods and precautions are also very important.

Maintenance methods

Check the pulley of the window sash

Open the window sash three to five times, and first check whether the performance of the aluminum window accessories is normal. If there is abnormal sound, resistance, and unable to close, it may be misaligned or offset. You should check whether the pulley of the window sash is stuck. Whether the wheel rails, rubber strips are damaged, whether the accessories are loose, etc., and make appropriate adjustments and replacements.

When the window sash is not easy to push and pull, it needs to be repaired in time

If the window sash is obviously loosened or shaken when it is pulled or tapped, or it cannot be operated at all, it may be caused by damage or deformation of the accessories. It is recommended to find a professional aluminum window manufacturer for repairs, because if you rashly disassemble the window sash for inspection, there may be a risk that the window sash cannot be replaced or dropped.

Clear sediment

As the aluminum window is the same as the wall, it blocks sand, dust, acid rain, pollution, etc., so a lot of sand and dirt will be deposited on the surface of the aluminum frame and the groove. Therefore, we can use dust removal paper to slap off the gray sand on the frame, and then use water or a neutral detergent to clean or wipe the frame and the rubber strip to remove the corrosive acidic sand, such as aluminum windows The paint is less likely to fade, and the adhesive strips are less hardened and cracked.

Clean the trench

When the window frame is cleaned, the wheel-rail grooves and the drain holes on the window frame should be cleaned and dredged together to prevent the wheel-rail grooves and drain holes from accumulating sand, fallen leaves, dirt, etc., which may cause damage to the pulley mechanism. The problem is that stagnant water is not easy to drain.

Accessories maintenance

After the aluminum windows have been cleaned, the next step is the maintenance and lubrication of the accessories. Maintaining the pulley mechanism, handle, linkage rod, hinge and other mechanical devices will make the window sash operate much smoother.


1. When the window sash is cleaned, do not support your body on the window, because this support action will easily increase the external load of the accessories and the aluminum material, and the window will be at risk of deformation, and it may also cause the water tightness and airtightness to change. Difference. If the structural strength of the window is not good, improper support may also cause the window to fall off, and even the accident of personnel falling.

2. Today's aluminum windows have a certain weight and may be matched with thicker glass. Therefore, if you want to remove the window sash for cleaning, you must consider whether you can move or lift the window sash with your own strength. Otherwise, if the window sash is moved carelessly, accidents such as crushing, spraining, and crushing may occur.

3. At present, in order to strengthen the safety of aluminum windows, various aluminum window manufacturers will more or less design some accessories that can improve the protective efficiency, and these accessories may affect the smoothness of the window sash disassembly. 

Therefore, if you want to remove the window sash for cleaning, you must first confirm which accessories have switches or functions that need to be released first. Otherwise, the consequences of forcibly removing the window sash may cause problems such as the window sash cannot be returned or the accessories are damaged and affect the home Safety.

4. During the inspection process, if there is any looseness or looseness of the aluminum window, the cleaning operation should be stopped immediately, and the repair should be communicated with the professional manufacturer as soon as possible. Because the window sash is loose or the supporting mechanism is damaged, it may suddenly fall during cleaning, dismantling, or moving, which may cause personal injury or property damage.

5. When cleaning window sashes, clean water or neutral detergent should be used, otherwise it may damage the aluminum window coating and affect the aesthetics of the aluminum window. If the acid cleaner remains on the adhesive strip, it may also accelerate the embrittlement and cracking of the adhesive strip, thereby shortening the normal use period of the adhesive strip.

When cleaning and maintaining aluminum windows, we must take care not to damage the performance of aluminum windows and ensure our own safety. If you want to know more about aluminum windows after reviewing the above, you can contact us for detailed solutions.

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