The Process and Precautions of Installing Aluminum Doors

The Process and Precautions of Installing Aluminum Doors


When we install the aluminum door, we need to clarify the specific installation process and precautions to prevent improper installation from causing future use problems. This article will specifically introduce the installation process and precautions of aluminum doors.

 the installation process and precautions of aluminum doors

Aluminum doors have become a popular choice for interior doors due to their excellent material and beautiful appearance. However, the installation of aluminum doors is more complicated than ordinary wooden doors, and there are many precautions. Next, we will give you a detailed introduction to the installation process and precautions of aluminum doors.

Aluminum door installation process

Measure size

Measure the thickness of the wall, the width, and the height of the door opening, and then measure the length of the top frame of the door frame and the length of the frame to check whether it matches the door opening.

Assemble the door frame

On both sides of the frame, use 4-6 connecting pieces to fix, and then nail the lock foot wooden strip and the lock angle wooden strip. The top frame covers the top of the two frames. The inner width of the two frame doors should be 7mm larger than the width of the door leaf, and the inner height between the top frame door and the ground should be 13mm higher than the height of the door leaf.
Install the door frame

Put the assembled door frame into the door hole as a whole, and check whether it is vertical, take the nail hole of the connecting piece as the point, determine the position of the nail hole on the wall, and then use the meta nail to fix the connecting piece on the wall, and place it on the door frame and wall Wood strips are embedded in the gaps of the body to ensure a firm and dense connection between the door frame and the wall.

Install door hinges

First screw a screw on the upper and lower hinges, then close the door, check whether the gap is suitable and whether the door and the door leaf are on the same plane, make sure that the door is not misaligned and the door leaf does not fall, then tighten the other screws. It is forbidden to drive the screw directly into the door Inside the box. When installing the door frame and door leaf, make sure that the door opening is consistent, the door leaf and door lock can be opened and closed flexibly, the gap around the door leaf is reasonable and consistent, the connection gap is firm and tight, and the decorative surface is not damaged.

Apply glue

Apply glue to the buckle line on the aluminum door stop strip, and buckle the groove on the doorstop strip after it is dry. This is the only place where glue is needed during the entire installation process.

(1) Before the aluminum door is installed, it should be inspected and assembled according to the shape and position of the doors and windows in the construction renderings for adjustment. It can only be installed after it is correct. At the same time, check whether the embedded concrete is sufficient and the position is accurate. First, install the long vertical partition (the material used to connect the two single window frames), then install the segmented horizontal partition, and finally install the door frame.

(2) Aluminum doors and windows can be installed after wet work such as indoor and outdoor painting. Before installation, the civil engineer should print the vertical and horizontal lines and the access lines of the aluminum door, and provide the main lightning protection connection points to facilitate the connection between the aluminum door and the engineering lightning protection system.

(3) Pay attention to the joints between the wall interface and the door and window openings to be straight and correct. After the decorative board is installed and pasted, the seam can be closed by the edge of the foot line, and then the seam treatment is carried out at the horizontal and vertical interface. In the process of filling the gap between the frame and the wall, in addition to meeting the requirements, it should also be fully filled and no gaps should be left.

(4) When aluminum doors enter the opening, they should be placed horizontally and vertically, and the components and installation distances at the elastic connection between the opening and the outer frame should meet the requirements. Connecting parts should be processed by galvanizing and other processes. When the embedded part and the wall are connected by inserting inside and outside, it is better to install the connecting member on the lock. Fixing methods include welding, pinning, etc.

(5) After the aluminum door is installed, check whether all parts are in good condition, whether the installation is reliable, and whether it can be opened and closed freely. Clean up the protective tape, packaging plastic, construction waste, and other debris in the frame fan and trough. And clean the aluminum door, do not use corrosive detergent and hard objects to clean, so as not to damage the surface paint film.  

(6) The hardware installation position of the aluminum door should be suitable, and the groove edges should be neat. The installation dimensions of the aluminum door drape, cover strip, seam strip, and sealing strip should be consistent and must be firmly combined with the aluminum door.

If we can follow the above standards when installing aluminum doors, it will greatly reduce future failures. If you still have doubts about the installation of aluminum doors after reading the above, you can contact us for professional solutions.

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